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Governments Eat Out to Help out Scheme – Whitby

Good Morning from Whitby

I thought this was an appropriate time to write our next blog with August quickly approaching us this weekend.

I wanted to share with you all the cafes and restaurants that have signed up to the governments ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme.

I appreciate it is more of a list on the bottom of the page however I felt it was necessary to share the details with you so you can plan and book ahead on your few days holiday with us.  Definitely need to book where they advise booking as even Tuesday this week was difficult to find a table to eat out.  Partly I think it is due to reduced tables and capacity.

Government’s Eat Out to Help out scheme – Monday – Wednesday, up to £10 off food, including children.

Eat out to Help out – The logo means diners who eat-in will benefit from a 50% discount, up to a maximum of £10 per person, on food and non-alcoholic drinks, any Monday to Wednesday in August 2020 – and no voucher is required. Diners can take advantage of the offer as many times as they like during the month.

Don’t forget when you stay at our Corra Lynn B&B breakfast is included in all our prices at the Corra Lynn  and a full English with ourselves does set you up for the day whether you are out for a walk or just sitting on the beach watching the waves.  Plus we have one car parking space per room which is delightful in Whitby, to park your car straight away without the hassle of finding a space then having to pay upwards to £10 to the parking meter. (I hate paying for parking anywhere, its a pet hate of mine).

Whitby is getting a little busier however there is always plenty of space on our lovely beach.  Our family rooms are proving very popular this summer and our availability is always up to date on our own website (we are not using this year due to being a small business and the charges they apply are excessive for us).

Our full english includes meat from our local butcher – Eddie, 82 and still going strong, he delivers every Friday night.  Eggs from the local farm up the road,  delivered every week and our poached eggs are always good as they are so fresh.  Plus mushrooms, tomatoes and of course heinz baked beans.

Simon also makes his own vegetarian sausages – leek and cheese which are an amazing taste.

We also offer other options such omelette, salmon served with poached or scrambled. Or just beans on toast or scrambled/poached on toast.

Any dietary requests please give us plenty of notice

Cafes/Bars/Restaurants that have signed up in Whitby area for Eat Out to Help Out

  • Arch and Abbey – Skinner Street
  • The Resolution – Skinner Street
  • Rusty Shears – Silver Street
  • Met Café and Ballroom – West Cliff
  • Royal Fisheries – Baxtergate
  • Tiffin Café – Baxtergate
  • Pier Inn – Pier Road
  • Quayside Restaurant – Pier Road
  • Marine Hotel – Pier Road
  • Trenchers restaurant – New Quay Road
  • Moon and Sixpence
  • Alexanders – Golden Lion Bank (bottom of Flowergate)
  • Magpie Café
  • Willow Branch – Golden Lion Bank
  • Whistlestop café – Whitby Quays
  • Orlop restaurant – on the boat in the harbor
  • Fishermans wife – Khyber pass near the beach
  • Mister Chips by the beach
  • Abbey Wharf – Market Place
  • Arnies – Market Place
  • Monks Haven – Church Street
  • Walrus – Church Street
  • Four Seasons – Bridge Street
  • Hadleys fish restaurant – bridge Street
  • Blitz – church street
  • Sanders Yard bistro – Church Street
  • Cosa Nostra – Church Street
  • Alberts Eatery – Church Street
  • W Hammond Tea Rooms – Church Street
  • White Horse and Griffin – Church Street
  • Duke of York – Church Street
  • Mister Chips – Church Street
  • Victoria Farm Garden Centre – Guisborough road
  • The Stables at Cross Butts – Guisborough road
  • River Gardens Café – Briggswath
  • The Forge – just outside Whitby – YO21 1sw
  • Hare and Hounds – Hawsker – YO22 3LH – 4 miles outside
  • Fox and Hounds – Goldsborough – YO21 3RX – 4 miles outside
  • Falling Foss – 5 miles away – tea garden

As more and more restaurants sign up, I will update this list.

Enjoy Whitby and enjoy eating out.


Corra Lynn B&B and Chair of All About Whitby


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