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Information you provide about your business will be held and used by All About Whitby (whitbyaccommodation.org.uk) solely to set up a listing for you and will not be passed on to any other third party. Except for properties using the Freetobook booking system, where we’ll inform our platform partners, Freetobook, of your registration so they can add your property on to the Together platform. Such information including your contact details will never be provided to any third party for the purposes of providing email lists or to be used to sell third party services.

Such information includes all details of any type of business, as well as any pictures supplied. Where such information is derived from your own website we will have sort your permission to use this data prior to setting up the advertisement.

We will use all reasonable care to ensure the information posted on the listing is accurate, but we accept no responsibility for errors or omissions that may occur and will not be responsible for any loss arising, however, caused through the setting up and use of the listing on the All About Whitby website (whitbyaccommodation.org.uk).

We strongly recommend that business owners check their listings as soon as these become live and from time to time, to ensure such details are correct an up to date. An email will be sent to you immediately your listing goes live. Amendments can be made by you, the business owner, by logging into the ‘manage your listing’ page at any time or by contacting us with your amendments.


The annual payment for your listing must be received within the 30 days of invoicing or the listing will be removed from the site. Payment is by bank transfer, details on the invoice. A renewal notice will be sent out at least a month before your listing is due to end.


We do not give any refund in whole or in part, once the listing goes live.


The listings held on the website, All About Whitby (whitbyaccommodation.org.uk) are normally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year for potential customers for your business. However, we will not be liable in event that the website becomes unavailable, whether this is because of technical difficulties, such as breakdown of Servers or power loss, nor through the closing down of this website.

The information given in the listing on the All About Whitby website is provided to potential customers in good faith, but no liability will be accepted for any loss that may occur either to you, the advertiser or your customer through the use of this website.

Any contract you have with your customer for a booking or service will be entirely separate to the introduction that may be attributed to the use of the website. We will not be party to such contracts and not accept any liability occurring through use of, or expected use of your business. We do not take any commission for any successful booking, other than the annual registration fee (see above).

Once created the Listing (being all data and pictures held therein) becomes the property of this organisation. Copying, printing or downloading of such data is allowed for an individuals use to allow selection of business services only. Appropriate “selection” and “print” buttons exist on all websites for this purpose. Copying, printing or downloading of data for Marketing or Sales purposes by third parties is strictly forbidden.

The provision of listings for businesses on the website is provided for use by both UK residents as well as overseas visitors. However, these terms and conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law. In the event any dispute arises we will always attempt to resolve any issue without resource to legal proceedings.