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Why should you list your business with us:-

The site is a central resource for visitors to Whitby to find and book accommodation and places to eat directly, missing out commission based booking agents!

By joining your business will be searchable by visitors to the site and will therefore raise the opportunities for you to be visited by them.

We are a small local group running this site for Whitby businesses and therefore the minimal fees will be used to maintain the site and to further develop direct bookings to businesses in the town and surrounding areas

Who’s it for and what do you get?

The site is for any Whitby and surrounding area hospitality businesses.

Those accommodation providers using Freetobook are able to benefit from a central search and booking facility called ‘Together’. This is an online booking engine that gives visitors to our website a quick way to search and book directly with all our members. Your Freetobook diary will be able to show you which bookings are from this site, to help you judge the impact of your membership. If you don’t currently use Freetobook and would be interested in finding out about this online booking platform and how we use it, please get in touch with us.

Other accommodation providers and businesses will be able to have a ‘Book Now’ button to take the visitor to your own direct booking page or website

All listings are able to be edited by the business owners through the site. This means that new pictures, offers and other information can be updated instantly and as frequently as you wish. Editing is simple and takes effect immediately.

What does it cost?

Accommodation providers with Freetobook – £35 (to April 2022)
Other businesses or accommodation providers not with FreetoBook – £35 listing fee to April 2022

If you wish to discuss this further with us before submitting your listing then please complete the contact form with your phone number and we’ll get in touch with you.

So, you’d like to list with us……

Please click ‘List my business’ to enter your business details. If it’s your first time, you will need to create an account by clicking Register on the next page to set a username (your email) and password. This login is used to edit your listing once it’s been published. Once you complete the form we will validate your registration, publish your listing and send you an invoice for the annual fee. Your fee is payable by Bank Transfer – details will be in the email.

Want to edit a listing you’ve already submitted?

If you’ve come here to edit your listing click here to go to the manage your listing page – or click the link in the footer at the bottom of the page.

When you’ve listed come and join us on Facebook – here’s a link to our page – All About Whitby.
We’ve also set up a group for all our accommodation providers and other partners.