Whitby – Things to do with children over the half term holidays.


Whitby is in North Yorkshire and currently at the time of typing is in Tier 1 restrictions.

According to the current government guidelines, this means we have to stick to the rule of 6 both indoors and outdoors plus we have a 10pm curfew (last time I personally had a curfew, I was 18 and working as an au-pair in America, so this feels very strange).

If you are in Tier 1 – you can come and stay.

If you are in Tier 2 – you can come and stay.

If you are in Tier 3 unfortunately the advice is to stay within your Tier 3 area. We hope to see you in 2021.

So what to do in Whitby, for the half term holidays with children over Halloween.

Pumpkin farm at Beacon Farm, just outside Whitby, we visited here last Saturday as the kids wanted a visit to a pumpkin farm and I hadn’t booked anywhere. We  were really, really impressed. No need to book.  Pumpkins are reasonably priced and they provided mini wheelbarrows which my 5 year old loved.  There is an outdoor play area which is new and great.


We then decided to visit Falling Foss which is just a couple of miles down the road from Beacon farm.  It is a while since we have been there and again we were really impressed.  It has a few new small outdoor play area for the smaller kids.  There are a lot more covers over the tables (it is all outside).  They also have a new coffee machine so I had a lovely latte plus a scone with jam and cream.  We all played for a few hours in the river just outside the café and just stood and watched the waterfall and did a little walk.



Other ideas whether you are staying 1, 2 or 3 nights at our B&B in Whitby.

Pannet Park – just 2 mins from our B&B – we love it here and have happily spent a few hours on a dry day.  The squirrels get friendlier every day.  The play equipment  is excellent from 1-12 years old.

Crabbing – best place is down by the old swing bridge.

Beach – goes without saying. Building a sandcastle or just playing in the waves (definitely need a wetsuit at this time of the year) is amazing.

Walk to Sandsend – 3 miles there and 3 miles back – definitely one for older children but once there, remember to take some bread (or peas) for the ducks.

Whitby Abbey – have to pre-book tickets – check their website out for ghost tickets and availability.

Museums – lovely choice of Pannet Park Museuem, or Captains Cook Museum on Grape lane.

We have 3 family rooms at the Corra Lynn– we can accommodate up to 4 people in a room, depending on our availability.  Please click on our book now button to check our availability from our Facebook page or from our website.

You can come and see an amazing sunset like the one below.




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