Whitby Thank You Weekend

Whitby Thank You Weekend

Whitby, North Yorkshire: The newly formed Whitby Hospitality Group (WHG) announced today, that a large group of Whitby hospitality businesses are getting together to provide a free weekend for NHS frontline workers working directly with Covid-19.  On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of October 2020 (subject to the lockdown being lifted) the town will open its doors for free accommodation, meals and drinks.


Spokesman for WHG, Andy Brown says “We wanted to come together to do whatever we could to offer a big thank you to our NHS front line workers who are putting themselves and their families at risk and what better way for us to do this than to open up our businesses and provide a really lovely free stay as a big thank you.”


The scheme has been put together by a new group of Whitby businesses who came together on Facebook specifically to help each other through the Corona Virus crisis. Andy Brown added “We have all been hit very hard by the lockdown, which we think may well result in significant financial damage to the businesses in the town. However, we all felt that even though we are only offering a little, it’s all we have and we wanted to do something tangible to say thank you to the people putting themselves in harms way to look after us all. We hope that as time progresses the whole town will get behind this plan and provide our NHS friends with a weekend that they will always remember. We also hope that the people who live in the town will go out on that weekend and buy their NHS friends a drink, or two. We encourage guest houses, hotels, pubs and restaurants to join the scheme by visiting the new website www.welcome2whitby.co.uk/join so that the whole town can get behind the event”.


NHS frontline workers can apply or be nominated for the free event at www.welcome2whitby.co.uk/nhsapply – cut off for applications is 31st July 2020.

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